Baruch Hadaya, our husband, father, mentor and founder of Hadaya passed away. On top of being an amazing husband, father and a grandfather, Baruch was a true artist. In 1983, he opened a small studio in the old city of Jerusalem and started creating jewelry. In time, his business grew and evolved to be the family business we are today. His graceful touch and attitude first in person for each customer and later, through his entire family and staff, was always unique. After creating many different pieces of jewelry throughout the years, a path for Hebrew inspiration came to be, and he started engraving Hebrew texts on simple designs. Today, Hadaya is all about empowering. We engrave Hebrew words by hand to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry. Adding the personal essence is what makes our creations timeless, and we believe Baruch’s art, grace and heart will be in every one of our pieces, commemorating his name.

Baruch was diagnosed seven years ago with a terminal illness, he was focused on appreciating life and passing skills to his family and staff as Hadaya was his biggest legacy.

We bow our heads in silence and will all continue to walk in his giant footsteps, for the grace he spread will grow and empower more than he had ever imagined.

He was one of a kind.

Baruch Hadaya 1950-2017

we live by his words: בסופו של דבר, העיקר הוא החסד
All in all - the most important thing is grace

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